Behind the Counter!

Have you met them all yet?


Theresa Rice

Owner/Operator  – Love Coffee, love business, love people – Seems like I should own a coffee shop!


Jessica Hehn

Manager/Barista – Jess definitely keeps things ticking at Java Moon from scheduling to ordering to customer service. I think she is my right & left hand!

Ricki Schultz

Barista – Welcome Ricki to our team at Java! What a sweet, kind spirit Ricki has. She is bringing her hard work ethic, and willingness to get the job done. She loves people too…and it shows! Come and have Ricki steam you your favorite drink. You won’t be sorry!

Emily Turner

Barista – Emily is a return staff from my early years in coffee, and I was thrilled! Emily is a great team player with a smile on her face. Come in a see what I mean.

Jennie Oetken

Head Baker – This kind hearted baker is bringing her best to the kitchen her at Java. That combined with her years of experience, seems to be a win-win for us. Thanks Jennie!

Maureen Neavill

Manager/Barista – A welcome addition to the staff at Java! Maureen is efficient, accommodating, and so willing to be helpful. What a treat!

Jordan Kamensky

Barista – Jordan is new to coffee, but has been quick and efficient at picking up all aspects. Great addition to the staff!